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Quality and enviromental policy

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NIVELL PUBLICITARI focuses on the Quality and Environment GIS as a way to organize its business life, basing it on a few basic pillars such as the Quality of its Service and respect for the Environment, all as a result of continuous improvement and the incessant search for the cooperation and satisfaction of its stakeholders.
At NIVELL PUBLICITARI we are committed to:

- Establish and maintain an effective GIS, so that the Policy is adequate for the purpose of the organization, being revised for its continuous improvement.

- Satisfy our customers through solutions that anticipate their expectations, based on the following premises:

- its fidelity a priority objective,
- flexibility of our capacity,
- agile service, if urgent, less than 24h,
- maintain a professional team, experienced and involved in the project,
- work under the motto to do things right the first time

- Comply with current legislation and applicable regulations.

- Evaluate and know all the environmental impacts derived from our activities and minimize the generation of waste, committing ourselves to the protection of the environment and encouraging the prevention of pollution through training and means for our employees to actively collaborate.

- Establish the objectives and goals of the SIG and continuously improve the effectiveness of the organization.

- Disseminate this policy among all interested parties.

- Continually increase our commitment to social and environmental concerns of our stakeholders, sponsoring and through dialogue, ethics and maximum transparency, with the ultimate goal of generating value for all stakeholders of the organization and improving the contribution to sustainable development.

NIVELL PUBLICITARI management ensures that this policy is known by all the staff of the organization, as well as suppliers and collaborators, and can be consulted by anyone outside of this organization through our website (

Ripollet, January 8, 2018.